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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tanz Der Youth - Music Machine + Peel Session 1978

Tanz Der Youth was the first post-Damned band Brian James formed. They didn't stick around very long - only long enough to release one single and record a Peel Session. Beside James, the band also consisted of Andy Colquhoun on Bass who was previously in Warsaw Pakt and Alan Powell on Drums who was once a member of Hawkwind. The sound is a bit different than the Damned but not really too far away to not give it a listen.

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John Peel Session 8-09-78
01. I'm Sorry
02. Why I Die
03. Mistaken
04. Delay

@ Music Machine, London 8-10-78
01. Intro
02. Blue Lights Flashing
03. Why I Die
04. Top Of The World
05. Delay
06. Torture Time
07. I'm Sorry, I'm Sorry
08. Neat Neat Neat
09. A Little Older
10. Polka Dot Shot
11. Mistaken
12. New Rose
13. I'm Sorry, I'm Sorry


  1. If you like, listen to Dripping Lips "Ready to Crack"..featuring Brian James.

  2. Yes, I've been listening to the Dripping Lips CD for a long time and loving it. Also, one of the Brian James solo CDs has the Tanz Der Youth song Polka Dot Shot on it. I love that song.