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Monday, October 11, 2010

Slaughter & The Dogs - Marquee, London 12-10-79

Here's another live set by Slaughter & The Dogs recorded at the Marquee in London at the end of 1979. This one is from the same tour that brought us the Live At The Factory album with exactly the same setlist minus the Groucho Marx intro. It is an audience recording but is still very good quality.

01. Now I Know
02. The Bitch
03. Hell In New York
04. Runaway
05. Who Are The Mystery Girls [New York Dolls]
06. What's Wrong Boy
07. You're Ready Now [Frankie Valli]
08. I'm Mad
09. Johnny T
10. Boston Babies
11. All Over Now
12. Where Have All The Bootboys Gone
13. Cranked Up Really High


  1. Thank You bat29

    Great Blog

    Still got all my old Slaughter & The Dogs Vinyl

    Can't help with any of your wishlist Im afraid
    but I do have a Slaughter & The Dogs Radio Session from 2002 if you are interested

  2. Thanks Pip. Yes, I would LOVE to have that Slaughter & The Dogs 2002 radio session.

  3. Here You Go

    five songs, seventeen minutes, good sound quality