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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Christs - Tivoli, Sydney 7-83

The singer of New Christs was Rob Younger whose previous band had been Radio Birdman.  They formed in 1980 released a single and then split.  But, in 1983 Rob Younger rounded up a new lineup in order that the New Christs could be the support group for Iggy Pop on his Australian tour.  This show is from one of those gigs but as you'll hear in the stage announcements Iggy had to cancel this gig. The line up is Chris Masuak – guitar, Mark Kingsmill – drums, Tony Robertson – bass, Kent Steedman – guitar. This was recorded from the audience but is very good quality. From cassette tape.

01. Sun God
02. Gotta Keep Movin' [MC5]
03. Born Out Of Time
04. The Hipster
05. -stage announcements-
06. Did You No Wrong [Sex Pistols]
07. Outcast
08. Creature With The Atom Brain [Roky Erickson]
09. Louie Louie [Richard Berry]
10. Addiction
11. Search And Destroy [Stooges]
12. T.V. Eye [Stooges]
13. Smith And Wesson Blues [Radio Birdman]

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