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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

1977 John Peel Sessions

Here is a list of the Punk John Peel Sessions from 1977:

15 February        Eddie & The Hot Rods
  1 March            Stranglers  [officially released]
22 March            Motors
12 April              Generation X  [officially released]
25 April              Adverts  [officially released]
26 April              Jam  [officially released]
10 May               Damned  [officially released]
17 May               Radio Stars
13 June               Vibrators  [officially released]
21 June               Chelsea  [officially released]
  4 July                Models
12 July                Generation X  [officially released]
16 July                Cortinas [officially released]
19 July                Jam  [officially released]
26 July                Boomtown Rats
 3 August            Boys  [officially released]
23 August           Adverts  [officially released]
30 August           Stranglers  [officially released]
  7 September     Buzzcocks  [officially released]
12 September     Motors
13 September     Only Ones  [officially released]
19 September     Slits  [officially released]
25 September     Wreckless Eric  [officially released]
 3 October           New Hearts
10 October          Eddie & The Hot Rods
11 October          Killjoys
17 October          Vic Godard & Subway Sect  [officially released]
18 October          Lurkers  [officially released]
19 October          Skrewdriver
31 October          Rich Kids
 1 November       Tom Robinson Band
 7 November       Radio Stars
22 November      Suburban Studs
28 November      Sham 69
29 November      Siouxsie And The Banshees  [officially released]
30 November      Zeros
 5 December       Alternative TV  [officially released]
 6 December       Drones  [3/4 officially released]
12 December      Rezillos

The officially released ones should be easy enough to find so I'll only post the ones I have that have not (to my knowledge) been officially released.

Go here for complete list of 1977 Peel Sessions:

I used to have the Suburban Studs and Drones sessions but those have gone missing over the years. If anyone has the Eddie & The Hotrods, Radio Stars or New Hearts sessions let me know as I would like to get copies of them.


  1. Thanks Topper. Hope the horrible sound quality doesn't ruin your eardrums.

  2. Nope... that's the way punk is meant to be.

    Rough and horrible hahaha...