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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Another List!

 Has anyone out there got any of these shows? I found these on this website:  I emailed the guy a few months ago but he hasn't gotten back to me. There are some interesting shows here I'd like to hear especially Eye Protection.

Agent Orange - Paradise, Boston 6/17/82
Avengers - The Masque, Los Angeles 1/07/78
Avengers - Mabuhay Gardens, San Francisco 8/22/78
B-52's - 05/28/78  Max's Kansas City, New York, NY
Bad Religion - 07/02/82  The Barn, Torrance, CA
Battallion Of Saints - 07/01/82  Fairmont Hall, San Diego
Big Boys - 09/23/83  Lansburgh's Cultural Center, Washington, DC
Black Flag - 03/01/80  North Park Lions Club, San Diego
Black Flag - 11/18/80  Starwood, West Hollywood
Black Flag - 02/11/81  Stardust Ballroom, Hollywood, CA
Black Flag - 03/22/81  Club Doobee, Lansing, MI
Black Flag - 06/19/81  Santa Monica Civic Center, Santa Monica, CA
Boys Life - 12/13/82  Emerson College, Boston
Bush Tetras - 12/31/81  Clutch Cargo's, Detroit
Crisis - 02/09/79  Harrow Technical College, Middlesex, United KingdomDag Nasty - 06/??/85  WMCU-FM Studio, College Park, MD
Damned - 07/24/89  I-Beam, San Francisco
Dead Kennedys - 12/31/78  The Masque, Los Angeles
Destroy All Monsters - 06/12/77  Second Chance, Ann Arbor, MIDestroy All Monsters - 01/04/79  Second Chance, Ann Arbor, MI
Destroy All Monsters - 05/04/79  Phase III, Pittsburgh, PA
Dictators - 04/29/77  CBGB's, New York
Dictators - 05/12/77  unknown venue, Hammond, IN
Dictators - 06/07/77  WCMF-FM, Rochester, NY
Dictators - 02/07/81  Irving Plaza, New York
D.O.A. - 01/21/83  City Club, Detroit
D.O.A. - 06/24/83  Longshoremen's Hall, Wilmington, CA
Eye Protection - 10/17/81  Mabuhay Gardens, San FranciscoFluid - 04/03/89  Simplon, Groningen
Fluid - 04/13/89  Stairways, Hamburg, Germany
Fluid - 05/22/90  Khyber Pass Pub, Philadelphia, PA
Fluid - 05/28/92  University of California, Los Angeles
45 Grave - 10/10/84  Paycheck's Lounge, Hamtramck, MI
Freeze - 08/22/81  Gallery East, Boston
Freeze - 11/29/81  Media Workshop, Boston
Freeze - 12/13/81  Media Workshop, Boston
Gang Green - 04/15/88  Studio C, WERS, Boston
Handsome Dick Manitoba - 12/31/89  Maxwell's, Hoboken, NJ
Jerry's Kids - 11/29/81  Media Workshop, Boston
JFA - 04/21/84  On Broadway, San Francisco
JFA - 08/16/84  Mabuhay Gardens, San Francisco
Kleenex / Liliput - ??/??/78  Club Hey, Zurich, Switzerland
Kleenex / Liliput - 05/10/79  Acklam Town Hall, London
La Peste - ??/??/79  unknown venue, Boston, MA
La Peste - ??/??/79  Electro-acoustic Studios, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
Lewd - 03/12/82  Ukrainian Culture Center, Los Angeles
Loop - 05/03/87  Black Horse, London
Loop - 12/12/87  School Of Economics, London
Loop - 05/12/88  West Indian Club, Southampton
Loop - 07/15/88  Fulham Greyhound, London
Loop - 11/24/88  Liverpool Polytechnic, Liverpool
Loop - 11/25/88  Manchester University, Manchester
Loop - 03/22/89  Barbue, Copenhagen, Denmark
Loop - 04/02/89  Rose Club, Cologne
Loop - 04/17/90  Tivoli, Utrecht
Loop - 04/19/90  Nighttown, Rotterdam
Loop - 04/30/90  Majestic Theatre, Detroit
Meatmen - 01/28/84  Wilson Center, Washington, DC
Minor Threat - 01/09/81  DC Space, Washington, DC
Minor Threat - 08/03/81  O'Banion's, Chicago
Minor Threat - 10/01/82  Colony Ballroom, University of Maryland, College Park, MD
Minor Threat - 09/23/83  Lansburgh Cultural Center, Washington, DC
Neats - 08/02/80  Downtown Lounge, Portland, ME
Necessaries - 09/19/81  Bookie's Club 870, Detroit, MI
Necros - 08/03/81  O'Banion's, Chicago
Nervous Eaters - 07/10/77  The Club, Cambridge, MA
New York Dolls - 06/??/74  The Yellow Balloon, Syracuse, NY
New York Dolls - 09/25/76  Max's Kansas City, New York
999 - 11/16/81  Second Chance, Ann Arbor
No Alternative - 12/09/06  Annies Social Club, San Francisco
100 Flowers - 02/12/82  Cathay de Grande, Hollywood
Orchids - 09/01/80  Starwood, Los Angeles
Pere Ubu - 06/09/77  Pirate's Cove, Cleveland
Plasmatics - 02/05/81  Radio Bremen Studios, Bremen, Germany
Proletariat - 12/06/82  Emerson College, Boston
Proletariat - 02/24/83  The Joint, Brandes University, Waltham, MA


    (they are in FLACs)

    1. I've tried numerous times to get this Dead Kennedys but it stalls out every time at 96mb.

    2. It worked fine on mine, I have an MP3 copy which I will upload on mediafire as megaupload got shat on, it also has the Bags show you already uploaded long ago.

  2. Also, when it comes to The Adverts, I'm also looking for Newcastle June 6 1977. Anyone have it?

  3. Hi Bat Yep I have the Adverts one (and the one you want anon)and I also have the Drones one too and both Buzzcocks. I will upload them here for you tomorrow mate :)

  4. Thanks Anon, convertido and Longy for all these links. Much appreciated!!

    1. I agree with you bat29, and Longy thank you for the links! :D Especially Newcastle!

  5. I have a lot of these. I'm the CutsFromTheVault guy, I emailed you a while back but never got a response. hit me up.

    1. CutsFromTheVault guy, I looked through my email and haven't found one from you. Could you send me your email or send me an email.

  6. A couple the Fluid shows are up on

  7. Here are some of those shows.

    Misfits - 12/20/78 Max's Kansas City, New York (This is the REMASTERED VERSION)

    Descendents - 11/02/82 Mabuhay Gardens, San Francisco

    Descendents - 01/15/83 T-Bird Rollerdome, Pico Rivera, CA

    Destroy All Monsters - 05/04/79 Phase III, Pittsburgh, PA

    Fear - 09/17/82 WOW Hall, Eugene, OR

    Necros - 08/03/81 O'Banion's, Chicago

    Madness - 12/16/79 Stateside Centre, Bournemouth

    1. I couldn't download the Destroy All Monsters or Necros shows. Got the rest of them.

  8. Crisis at Harrow Tech was my encode and upload on Dime, it's due another airing which I'll do soon.

  9. The Necros - O'Banions was another of mine (as well as Crisis) and is still on Punk Torrents in flac.

  10. Apologies, my Necros is one Dime not PT. Here's the link.

  11. 45 Grave & Loop are things I recorded in Detroit. I have a master of Destroy All Monsters too. I'll try to post copies next week.