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Friday, December 16, 2011

Crucifucks - Mabuhay Gardens, San Francisco CA 10-25-84

Here is a very good sounding soundboard recording by the Crucifucks. Another one from Matthias.

01. I Was
02. Go Bankrupt And Die
03. The Mountain Song
04. Oh Where, Oh Where
05. Legal Genocide
06. Washington
07. Resurrection
08. Earth By Invitation
09. Annual Report
10. title unknown
11. Similar Items
12. When The Top Comes Off
13. Official Terrorism
14. Down On My Knees
15. Cops For Fertilizer
16. Hinkley Had A Vision [aborted]
17. By The Door
18. Hinkley Had A Vision


  1. new to your site, many thanks for this. found you via music ruined my life.