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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Public Image LTD - Tower Theater, Philadelphia 4-26-80

This post is a special one for me because this was the first Punk show I ever went to. PIL are not necessarily a Punk band but Johnny Rotten as the singer, and with a former member of the Clash. That was good enough for me. At that time my favorite band was the Sex Pistols but I knew I would never get to see them so this was close enough. Plus, I loved the first two PIL albums. This venue was packed with rowdy Punk rockers and it being my first Punk show was very exciting. At the time I was age 15 and had been listening to and buying Punk records for two years but never had the chance to go to see any bands even though I knew there were many great shows happening. Philadelphia's The Reds were the opening band. I took photos but my PIL photos didn't turn out. This is an audience recording and the sound quality is rough. I'll also post here my saved ticket stub and an article from my hometown newspaper about the concert.

01. Careering
02. Annalisa
03. Poptones
04. Lowlife
05. Attack
06. Chant
07. Memories
08. Public Image
09. Death Disco


  1. No member of the clash in this band. Johnny was a sex pistol!

  2. Guitarist Keith Levene was an original member of The Clash. Info here:

  3. I have the show on 1 May that I was at in Cleveland at The Agora. I was directly below Johnny and he handed me some PiL badges. At one point he ducked backstage and brought out the deli tray and proceeded to fling cold cuts over my head into the crowd behind me lol. I paid for my proximity, though, because the lip of the stage was in the middle of my thighs and I was jammed up against it for the whole show lol.

  4. I was there with my mom, I was 12. But seriously who doesn't know Johnny was in the sex pistols?