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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Adam & The Antz - part 1: Live 1978

Here begins a series of Adam & The Ants shows from 1978-1979 that I have collected. Many of these I had on cassette but elected to download them instead from Soulseek or other blogs since they were (and probably still are) easily available. Both shows were recorded from the audience and have good sound quality. The Marquee show has the better sound of the two.

Some info here:
Ants info here:

@ Marquee, London 1-12-78
01. Plastic Surgery
02. Puerto-Rican
03. Deutscher Girls
04. B-Side Baby
05. Dirk Wears White Sox
06. Fat Fun
07. It Doesn't Matter
08. Lou
09. Fall In
10. Hampstead
11. Whip In My Valise
12. Beat My Guest
13. Send A Letter To Jordan
14. Red Scab
15. Juanito The Bandito
16. Fall In

@ Roundhouse, London 5-14-78
01. Plastic Surgery
02. Puerto Rican
03. B-Side Baby
04. Deutscher Girls
05. (You're So) Physical
06. It Doesn't Matter
07. Hampstead
08. Lou
09. Bathroom Function
10. Dirk Wears White Socks
11. Fall In
12. Red Scab
13. Juanito The Bandito

Marquee show here:
Roundhouse show here:

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  1. nice one mate.ive got the marquee one but not herad the roundhouse show before.thanks again