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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Clash - Part 4; Live 1984/1985

The Brixton show is an audience recording and the sound quality is good. The France show sounds like it was recorded from the television or video but could be just an audience recording. The sound quality is good.

@ Brixton Academy, London 12-07-84 part1
01. One More Time
02. London's Burning
03. Complete Control
04. This Is Radio Clash
05. Spanish Bombs
06. Rock The Casbah
07. North & South
08. Are You Ready For War
09. What's My Name
10. Dictator
11. Capital Radio
12. Broadway
13. Tommy Gun

@ Brixton Academy, London 12-07-84 part2
01. Brand New Cadillac [Vince Taylor]
02. We Are The Clash
03. Armagideon Time [Willi Williams]
04. Career Opportunities
05. Bankrobber
06. Three Card Trick
07. Garageland
08. Dirty Punk
09. Ammunition
10. White Riot
11. Safe European Home
12. London Calling

@ Rockscene Festival, Guehenno France 7-13-85
01. London Calling
02. Janie Jones
03. Safe European Home
04. Garageland
05. Armagideon Time
06. The Magnificent Seven
07. Three Card Trick
08. Police On My Back [Equals]
09. Brand New Cadillac [Vince Taylor]
10. I'm So Bored With The USA
11. Tommy Gun
12. I Fought The Law [Crickets]
13. Rock the Casbah
14. Spanish Bombs


  1. 'I Fought The Law' was actually Bobby Fuller Four.

  2. Jeff, I Fought The Law was originally released in 1960 by The Crickets (Buddy Holly's backing band). Bobby Fuller Four made a cover version of it in 1965 and that version became a hit record. Both versions are almost identical. BF4 is the version people know but but it's not the original version. Read all about it here: