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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tom Robinson Band - Live 1978

These shows are radio broadcasts and the sound quality is very good on all of them.

@ Bottom Line, NYC 6-15-78 [1st set]
01. Don't Take No For An Answer
02. Long Hot Summer
03. Too Good To Be True
04. Martin
05. Grey Cortina
06. Winter of '79
07. Glad To Be Gay
08. Power In The Darkness
09. Broken Bass String Blues
10. Ain't Gonna Take It
11. Right On Sister

@ Bottom Line, NYC 6-15-78 [2nd set]
01. Grey Cortina
02. I'm Alright Jack
03. Right On Sister
04. I'm Waiting For My Man
05. Washing Machine
06. 2-4-6-8 Motorway

@ Golders Green Hippodrome, London 1978
01. 2-4-6-8 Motorway
02. Grey Cortina
03. Ain't Gonna Take It
04. Martin
05. Up Against The Wall
06. Don't Take No For An Answer
07. I'm Waiting For My Man


  1. I have seen it mentioned that the Golders Green show is from around February-78 because of TR's in-concert references. I've also seen it listed as 9th Jan-78 as well, this second date would have coincided with the recording of the "don't take no for an answer ep", which is mentioned by TR and was released in Feb-78. There is also a BBC Transcription disk of a Be Bop Deluxe show at the Hippodrome listed as from 19-1-78 which I think has the TR show on the b-side
    there you go, mystery unsolved!


  2. The Tom Robinson Band played some great gigs around this period, Tom was on form, the band were on form, the time was just right. Shame everything started to fall apart in '79 but nothing good lasts forever.

    Excellent work Bat29 for keeping the good stuff alive.

    H. Moonbeam