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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Black Flag - Live 1979/1981/1982

Here's three different Black Flag shows with three different singers. The 1979 show is with Keith, the 1981 show is with Dez and the 1982 show is with Henry. The Pittsburgh show is a soundboard recording and the sound quality is very good. The other shows are audience recordings and have raw but good sound quality.

@ Polliwog Park, Manhattan Beach CA 7-22-79
01. Don't Care
02. White Minority
03. I've Heard it Before
04. Machine
05. I've Had it
06. Nervous Breakdown
07. Don't Let'em Do It
08. Jealous Again
09. Police Story
10. -announcer-
11. Wasted
12. Revenge
13. Fix Me
14. Depression
15. Louie Louie

@ Electric Banana, Pittsburgh 7-04-81
01. Damaged II
02. American Waste
03. Clocked in
04. Room 13
05. Rise Above
06. Spray Paint
07. Damaged I
08. Six Pack
09. Jealous Again
10. Police Story
11. No More
12. You Bet We've got Something Against You
13. I've Heard it Before
14. Depression
15. Machine
16. I've Had it
17. Nervous Breakdown
18. No Values

@ Salt Lake City Utah 6-28-82 [from cassette tape]
01. Revenge
02. American Waste
03. I've Heard it Before
04. Room 13
05. Depression
06. Scream
07. Nervous Breakdown
08. Jealous Again
09. I've Got To Run
10. Spray Paint
11. Damaged I
12. Padded Cell
13. Police Story
14. Life Of Pain
15. Fix Me
16. Six Pack
17. My Rules
18. Rise Above


  1. Thanks!!

    I am having trouble with the 1979 show - it stalls at 5.5 MB every time. Would you mind checking it and reuploading if needed?

  2. Brian, I checked the 1979 show and it downloaded fine for me. Have you downloaded the other show? Megaupload statistics show zero downloads for my last 6 posts - Black Flag and Damned.

  3. Hey Bat29 I'm having the same problem w/the 1979 show. It stalls at 5.5. mb
    Thx for all the great music (esp. the 70's sf punk bands! Great Music)


  4. I grabbed the other two no problem, so I guess Megaupload's stats aren't completely accurate. :)

    Turns out I already have the '79 show, though - check your email for something cool to go with it.

  5. Hey bat29, I do not have problems with the 1979 succesfully worked and I am enjoying how raw as fuck the performance is. Yes the sound quality is rather muddy and muffled but it is still listenable.

  6. Yeah! I downloaded this! Plus tons of other stuff from this site!

    Thanks for all the cool downloads!
    Please keep it up!

  7. I downloaded the Dez show. Thanks!