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Friday, May 27, 2011

Svart Framtid - Blitz, Oslo 12-23-84

Svart Framtid were from Oslo Norway and only released one 7" ep in 1984. Their record was a big favorite of mine then. In summer 1984 I did a three month trip around Europe and was lucky enough to see them 4 times, while they were touring with Disorder from England, and every time they were fantastic. They are easily one of the best bands I've ever seen. It's a shame they never recorded an album. This live show is one of their last gigs before they split up. It's an audience recording and the sound quality is good.

setlist: [from cassette tape]
01. Til Lykke Med Dagen
02. Snuteterror
03. Hat
04. Nar Bomba Kommer
05. Skriket
06. Religiøs terror
07. De Tror Det Blir Bedre
08. Snutesvin
09. Systematikk
10. Skyggene
11. Disiplin
12. Indoktrinert
13. 1945
14. Fascist Land
15. 17 Milliarder
16. Dicks Hate Police
17. Rølpevise

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  1. The EP is rereleased this year and you can get it from; and they also released a live cassette that you have uploaded;