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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Subway Sect - Part 2; Live 1977/1978

The first show came to me without a location or date so not really sure where it was recorded. The Newcastle show features the second line up of the band and a couple new songs. Both shows are audience recordings and the sound quality is raw but still a good listen.

@ England c. 1977-78: [from cassette tape]
01. Why Don't You Shoot Me
02. Chain Smoking
03. Ambition
04. I Changed My Mind (On The Telephone)
05. Out Of View
06. Eastern Europeans
07. Imbalance
08. Enclave
09. Rock 'n' Roll Even
10. Stand Back
11. Derail Your Senses
12. Nobody's Scared
13. Don't Split It

@ Newcastle 10-24-78: [from cassette tape]
01. Ambition
02. Enclave
03. Stool Pigeon
04. Head Held High [Velvet Underground]
05. I Changed My Mind (On The Telephone)
06. Imbalance
07. Double Negative
08. Rock 'n' Roll Even
09. Exit, No Return
10. instrumental


  1. One of my favourite bands... I didn't get to see them until '78, so I can't get enough boots from this period, no matter how rough sounding... Vic Godard can do little wrong in my eyes (or indeed ears). Thanks a lot for these.

  2. Styreneboy, glad you got to see subway Sect. I'd love to have seen them. I wish vic Godard would play some shows in US so I could see him. I like most everything he's done over the years.

  3. Yo these are nice sets. Thanks for uploading! Do you have any Devo by any chance?

  4. Hi Great site the subway sect-england 77-78 is actually the gibus club-paris-2-78 hope this helps keep up the good work cheers-Podcarlisle