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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Real Kids - Live 1977/1984

Here's two more Real Kids shows for your listening pleasure. Both shows were recorded from the audience so the sound quality is raw but listenable. Two songs from this CBGBs show are on the Grown Up Wrong CD ( and the Rat show is a reunion show.

@ CBGBs, NYC 3-25-77 [from cassette tape]
01. Better Be Good
02. Up Is Up
03. Everybody's Girl
04. All Kindsa Girls
05. Common At Noon
06. Who Needs You
07. title unknown
08. Just Like Darts
09. Jeannie Jeannie Jeannie
10. Some Love Like Yours
11. Solid Gold

@ Rat, Boston 8-31-84 [from cassette tape]
01. Better Be Good
02. She's Alright
03. Solid Gold
04. Rave On [Buddy Holly]
05. Do The Boob
06. My Baby's Book
07. Just Like Darts
08. Reggae Reggae
09. All Kindsa Girls


  1. Great stuff! Thanks for sharing. I caught them around '98 and in 2001, and John Felice was still kicking ass both times.


    For the Rat show: track 2 is She's Alright, track 3 is Solid Gold, and track 6 is My Baby's Book.

    For the CBGBs show, track 5 is Common At Noon, and track 11 is Solid Gold (it gets cut off early). I'm not sure about track 7. I could make out some lyrics about "we've been here before . . . walk through that door . . . good-bye . . .". I dunno. Anybody else know what it is?

    Anyway, nice blog, and thanks again!

  2. Thanks for all those song titles!