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Monday, May 9, 2011

NWOBHM part 2: Chasar/Chevy/Chinatown/Dawnwatcher

Here's more joy from the NWOBHM side of music. Sound quality is very good on all of these.

Chasar - BBC Session 1982
01. The Devil's Revenge
02. Vision Of Time
03. Underground
04. Destiny

Chevy - Paris Theatre, London 2-14-81
01. Chevy
02. Hit and Run
03. The Taker
04. Wind of Change
05. Same Old Feeling
06. Rock On

Chinatown - BBC Sessions (1982)
01. Caught On The Wrong Side
02. Back On The Streets
03. I Wanna See You Tonight
04. City Woman

Dawnwatcher - Demo (1979)
01. Bird in Flight
02. Spellbound
03. Taking it Easy


  1. Great Blog!!! I'm From Patagonia Argentina. I'm NWOBHM fan, and recordings and these are the treasure. I am also many tapes, and i love the music. A big hug and continuing!!!!! My name is Fabian.-

  2. Thanks Fabain! I love the NWOHM very much and have many more demos and live show to post.