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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wayne County & The Electric Chairs - 1976/1978/1979

Here three from everyone's favorite trangender rock 'n' roller. The CBGBs show is an audience recording but the sound quality is pretty good. The Germany show I think is from a television broadcast and the sound quality is very good. The sound quality on the Peel session is pretty good.

@ CBGBs, NYC 1976
01. Hot Blood
02. Rock & Roll Enema
03. Cream In My Jeans
04. The Older They Get
05. Brainwashed
06. Fuck Off
07. Flip Your Wig
08. Toilet Love
09. Paranoia Paradise
10. I Wanna Go To Rock 'n' Roll Hell

@ Cologne Germany 12-78 [from cassette tape]
01. Cream In My Jeans
02. Stuck On You
03. Mr. Normal
04. Max's Kansas City
05. Man Enough To Be Woman
06. Fuck Off

John Peel Session 7-11-79 [from cassette tape]
01. Midnite Pal
02. Waiting For The Marines
03. C3
04. Berlin


  1. Thanks for offering your huge collection!
    Here you'll find some information about the german show:

    Salids, Alexi

  2. I've only just discovered that you're back up and running... You've been busy haven't you? Thanks a lot for these, gotta love a bit of Wayne/Jayne...

  3. Busy, busy. Digitizing tapes and blogging is a never ending job.