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Friday, April 22, 2011

V.A. Not So Quiet On The Western Front part 2; Nevada

Here are demos from a few of the bands from Nevada that were on the album. Section 8 features ex-members of Seven Seconds, Urban Assault features future members of Seven Seconds and The Wrecks features Kevin Seconds sister. Sound quality is very good on all.

info here:
and here:

Section 8 - demo (1982)
01. Trust Me
02. USSR
03. Mental Discharge
04. Guns
05. Fat, Drunk and Stupid
06. Who Will Fight For America

Wrecks - Teenage Jive demo (1982)
01. I Love To Shoplift
02. Couldnt Believe It
03. High School Anthem
04. Communist Bucks
05. The Wrecks
06. Lullaby Of The Womb
07. Slow Boat To Yuba
08. Punk Is An Attitude
09. This Land Is Your Land

Urban Assault - demo (1982)
01. Cyanide
02. Cool Guys
03. South Lake Tahoe
04. Political Cover
05. I Hate Ignorance
06. Left Wing


  1. Hello,

    Thanks for this post. I'm looking for the demos of the following bands on this excellent compilation especially these ones :

    - VENGENCE (Hayward) : 5 songs demo (1983)

    - SOCIAL UNREST : demo (1981), I need an upgrade from you tape (320kbps or WAV please)

    - UNAWARE : "Tear gas raid" second demo (1983)

    - NBJ : Unreleased studio recording (recorded before Annelle (RIP) passed away)

    Please let me know if you can help me, I can offer you great and rare recordings in return. Thanks for your help !

    All the best

  2. I do not have any other NSQOTWF demos. I used to have a live NBJ show but that went missing years ago.

    NBJ info here:

    1. By the way, thanks for re-upping. Awesome stuff! I appreciate it.

  3. AWESOME post, NA. Thanks for all the hard work!

    - Rusty