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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Disorder/Mulch - Live 1986

Disorder you should all know. Their show was a radio broadcast and the sound quality is very good. In 1987 some friends and I made a fanzine and with one issue we made a cassette compilation title Pass The Elixer. These four Disorder tracks are on it. The person who sent me this tape included the Mulch live recording but did not send any other information about it. So I don't really know what it is and I could not find any info about the band on the internet. Can anyone help? The recording is either a radio broadcast or a soundboard recording and the sound quality is very good. If you like Disorder you'll like Mulch. Similar sound.

Disorder - Radio UKBU, Oslo Norway 12-17-86 [from cassette tape]
01. Remberance Day
02. Love And Flowers
03. Maternal Obsession
04. Life

Mulch - Live 1986: [from cassette tape]
01. title unknown
02. Shrink Wrap Pain
03. Spirit Of Speed
04. title unknown
05. Justify Your Existence
06. title unknown
07. Heroin
08. Bloody Sunday
09. title unknown
10. Emotional Overdrive


  1. disorder was recorded at radio UKBU.
    the recording should contains 5 tracks before your first and there's also half a rampton song after your last!
    Never heard of Mulch until now

  2. Flitox, I got this tape from Taff of Disorder who sent the stuff for a compilation tape me and my friends released in 1986. He only sent these four songs from that show. If you have the complete show put it up somewhere. Also, Mulch were from London and at some point one member was Boobs, who had been the singer from Disorder in the early 1980s. I used to have a Mulch demo but that has gone missing.

  3. mulch were from south london, and were at various times, drums – steve (positive impact, state hate), vocals - adam (mass murder), bass – ginny (state hate), john (suicidal supermarket trolleys), guitar – pete, martin (blower, sons of bad breath), simon. And gigged from july 1986-87, no more than 40 gigs, mainly played the London squats, most famously the cardboard box, wood green, several gigs at the 365 centre, dover and some gigs in Norway. had two tracks on the cruise trials compilation tape “did you vote to become Americas largest aircraft carrier?. the idea was just to play gigs, gigs brought everyone together. steve

  4. Hi Steve, Thanks for the information about Mulch!