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Thursday, March 10, 2011

S.O.A./Extorts - demos + Live 1980

S.O.A. started as the Extorts with Lyle Preslar on vocals. When Lyle quit to play guitar for Minor Threat Henry Rollins was added on vocals and they changed their name to S.O.A. The sound quality on the demos is good. Source 2 of the S.O.A. demo  has the better sound quality. From it Disease and Stepping Stone are the versions that appear on the Flex Your Head compilation album. The live show was recorded from the audience and has good sound.

Extorts - demo 1980
01. Draw Blank
02. I Hate the Kids
03. title unknown
04. title unknown
05. Stepping Stone [Monkees]

S.O.A. - Demo 12-80 [from cassette tape] [source 1]
01. Gonna Have To Fight
02. Public Defender
03. Riot
04. Draw Blank
05. Warzone
06. Gang Fight
07. Disease [UK Subs]

S.O.A. - Demo 12-80 [source 2]
01. Draw Blank
02. Warzone
03. Gang Fight
04. Disease [UK Subs]
05. Stepping Stone Party [Monkees]

S.O.A. - DC Space, Washington DC 12-19-80 [from cassette tape]
01. Gonna Have To Fight
02. Riot
03. I Hate The Kids
04. Gang Fight
05. Public Defender
06. Draw Blank
07. Disease [UK Subs]
08. Warzone
09. Gate Crashers
10. Steppin' Stone Party [Monkees]

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