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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Flipper - Live shows 1981-1982

Here's two very good sounding Flipper shows. The Keystone show was a radio broadcast and the On Broadway show was recorded through the soundboard.

@ Keystone, Berkeley California 6-28-81
01. (I Saw You) Shine
02. Way Of The World
03. Life Is Cheap
04. Shed No Tears
05. You Nought Me
06. Love Canal
07. Ha Ha Ha

@ On Broadway, San Francisco 2-06-82 [from cassette tape]
01. Sacrifice
02. Life Is Cheap
03. Anything
04. Way Of The World
05. In Life My Friends
06. Ha Ha Ha
07. The Light, The Sound, The Rhythm, The Noise
08. Shed No Tears
09. The Wheel
10. Sex Bomb


  1. Thanks for posting Flipper
    Do u have the Flipper live radio recording with the song boom boom boom (unreleased)

    Thanks, Mike

  2. Mike, I have no other Flipper live recordings.

  3. hello bat29

    write me at I think I have some stuff you are looking for...

  4. Oh, man...thanks for THE best post, yet! AWESOME!!!

    - Rusty