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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

F-Models - Electric Banana, Pittsburgh 6-12-82

Here are the F Models on a road trip to Pittsburgh. This one was recorded through the soundboard and has very good quality.

01. No Time For Love
02. Shake
03. I'm In Love
04. Paper Brain
05. Lou Grant Breakdown
06. Nobody Loves Me
07. Need Some Good Love
08. In And Out
09. Fall Out
10. Work It Out
11. Brain Washed
12. Feeling So Old
13. Picture My Face [Teenage Head]
14. God Save Chrysler
15. Amazing Grace [traditional]
16. It's Not Right
17. God Fearing Man
18. Red Rubber Ball [Cyrcle]
19. I'm A Christian
20. Ninth Ode To Joy
21. Bartender
22. Post Bomb


  1. Man, you must have some kind of connection to Cleveland - or at least NE Ohio, to have something as incredibly cool as F Models shows. They were one of my most favourite bands in the 80s, along with Lucky Pierre, Wild Giraffes, Raven Slaughter Band, The Baloney Heads, Insanity & the Killers and Easter Monkeys.

    I can't wait to see what you posted in 2010!!

  2. Jeff, I don't really have much of a connection to NE Ohio but a lot of great music has come from from over there and many tapes exist from there. Also, I love the F Models, too. In 1982 I had a friend who was a student at Kent State U and she told me about the great Punk scene that existed there. She invited me to visit which I did in July 1982. Because it was summer not much was happening but there was one show at JB's while I was there with F Models, Tanks (from Pittsburgh) and one other band. I'd never heard any of those bands before that. The F Models were fantastic!! It took me over 30 years to track down all these live shows and they are all great.