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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Skulls - Bogarts, Los Angeles 11-20-92

These Skulls were a apart of the Masque scene in Los Angeles California in 1977-1978 and in that time had only two of their songs officially released on What Records. This is a reunion show that was recorded from the audience. I don't know which original members are playing here but they do play some of the classic old songs and some interesting covers. Sound quality is good.

setlist: [from cassette tape]
01. Building Models
02. On Target
03. title unknown
04. Incomplete Suicide
05. Nervous Breakdown [Eddie Cochran]
06. Femme Fatale [Velvet Underground]
07. title unknown
08. Held Against Your Will
09. Victims
10. Let's Get Rid Of New York [Randoms]


  1. Ah yes! Was at this show.

    To my recollection, Kid Spike from The Controllers was playing guitar, Herman Gear from the Gears was drumming, and Keith Miller on bass. Of course Billy was singing.

    I also seem to remember the show also included The Crowd, The Controllers, Gears, Weirdos???

    Right before this there was a "super-group" called Weird Skull Control which included members from Controllers, Weirdos and Skulls.

    Pretty wasted. I miss Bogart's. Technically, it was at the Marina Pacifica center in Long Beach :-)

  2. Thanbks Michael for the info. I wonder what songs were played by Weird Skull Control. That would be interesting to hear.

  3. The concept of Weird Skull Control was a little better than the actual music. They're still around with Kidd Spike singing and my bud Sean on drums who's uncle is the original drummer form the Gears. I had the CD that came out in '94 somewhere but I wasn't too stoked on it.