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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Simple Minds - Mars Bar, Glasgow 7-30-78

I recently found this early Simple Minds show posted on the Guitars101 site. Both tracks from the Johnny & The Self-Abusers single and a couple others from their demo are played in the set and this might be the only possibility to hear these tracks live. This was recorded from the audience and despite some tape hiss has good sound quality.

Guitars101 site here:

01. Tonight
02. Take Me To The She Angels
03. Chelsea Girl
04. Act Of Love
05. Tuning
06. Saints And Sinners
07. Dead Vandals
08. Murder Story
09. White Light White Heat [Velvet Underground]
10. Caught In A Dream
11. Tuning
12. European Son
13. Tuning
14. Watch Out
15. Tuning
16. Wasteland
17. Doube-B-Doo
18. Cocteau Twins

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