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Monday, February 21, 2011

Dickies - Live 1978-1980

Here we have three shows from The Dickies. The Whiskey show was recorded from the audience and has raw sound quality. The opening band on this show was the Go Gos. The Berkeley show is from a live radio broadcast on KALX Berkeley.  This one is a bit rough, though, because there is a constant hum throughout the recording. Otherwise it is pretty good. The Agora show is a soundboard recording and the sound quality is very good. I only have these four songs on the end of a tape. Does anyone have the full show?

@ Whiskey, Hollywood CA 10-04-78 [from cassette tape]
01. title unknown
02. title unknown
03. Waterslide
04. Sound of Silence
05. I'm OK, You're OK
06. Poodle Party
07. Walk Like An Egg
08. Got It at the Store
09. Mental Ward
10. Shadow Man
11. You Drive Me Ape (You Big Gorilla)
12. Paranoid
13. Shake and Bake

@ Keystone, Berkeley 3-10-80 [from cassette tape]
01. Sounds Of Silence
02. Poodle Party
03. Waterslide
04. Infidel Zombie
05. Curb Job
06. Nights In White Satin
07. Gigantor
08. You Drive Me Ape
09. Paranoid
10. title unknown
11. Banana Splits

@ Agora, Cleveland c.1980 [from cassette tape]
01. Sounds Of Silence
02. Poodle Party
03. Gigantor
04. You Drive Me Ape

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  1. Have they ever sang about 3flying ducks nailed to the wall & his gonna kick is head in if he does'nt do well