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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Boys - Retford England 10-18-77 + Chaos, NYC 6-12-81

Who doesn't love the Boys? Here's two shows, one from their beginning, 1977,  and one from their end, 1981. Both were recorded from the audience and quality is a bit raw but still fun to listen to. I wish I could have been at both of these shows.I guess the Retford show was at Porterhouse but am not sure as my copy was not marked with a venue.

@ Retford England 10-18-77
01. Sick On You
02. I Don't Care
03. Contract Hustle
04. Not Ready
05. Tonight
06. Whatcha Gonna Do
07. Cop Cars
08. U.S.I.
09. No Money
10. Tumble With Me
11. T.C.P.
12. Tenement Kids
13. Soda Pressing
14. Box Number
15. First Time
16. Living In The City

@ Chaos, NYC 6-12-81
01. Terminal Love
02. Rue Morgue
03. TCP
04. Weekend
05. Wrong Arm Of The Law
06. Let It Rain
07. Scrubber
08. You Can't Hurt A Memory
09. Kamikaze
10. Brickfield Nights
11. Soda Pressing
12. First Time
13. Sick On You


  1. I've had the Boys' 18-10-77 gig for a while and never new the venue - many thanks for solving that mystery.
    If you are interested in a list of my live us/uk punk collection from 76-78 (I might have a few you don't) then by all means get in touch.

  2. i have both these recordings by the boys , also got another one from swansea 5.3.78