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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Nuns - Live shows 1976-1978 part 2

Here's two Nuns shows from 1977. The Winterland show is soundboard recordings and sound great. The Mabuhay show was recorded from the audience and is a bit rough but listenable. It's also from a bootleg record. Three songs from this show were officially released on the Nuns first and third singles. Between these shows there is enough unreleased songs for a second album.

@ Winterland, San Francisco 7-30-77
01. Lazy
02. Decadent Jew
03. World War III
04. Savage
05. Media Control
06. Hey Little Rich Thing
07. Cock In My Pocket [Stooges]
08. Twenty-First Century
09. You Think You're The Best
10. Confused
11. Mental Masturbation
12. Suicide Child

@ Mabuhay Gardens, SF 1977
01). Media Control
02). Big Fat Chick
03). Savage
04). title unknown
05). 14 Year Old Lover
06). Gimme Danger [Stooges]
07). Suicide Child (1st single)
08). Smokin' Heroin
09). Cock In My Pocket [Stooges] (3rd single)
10). Human Being [New York Dolls]
11). Confused
12). Gettin' Straight
13). Decadent Jew (1st single)
14). No Solution
15). Death And Destruction
16). Child Molester
17). Mental Masturbation

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  1. Thank You Bat29

    Didn't know the Nuns had such a wealth of bootleg recordings available, I had only previously heard their first album.