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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Musician magazine; Issue 34; July 1981

Musician magazine wasn't much of a magazine to read for Punk Rock. However, when Los Angeles Punk in 1981 became raw and controversial and was being talked about they printed an article about what was going on. This issue has a few other things that might be of interest to Punks.

In this issue:
-article on IRS Records
-article on Dave Edmunds
-short articles on Adam & The Ants, Ventures, U2
-Music and Violence Under The Palm Trees; article on L.A. Punk
-Record reviews - Dave Edmunds, Public Image Ltd.,
-Short Takes - Devo, Plastics, Cramps, Vapors, John Cale, Tuxedo Moon, Killing Joke


  1. Hello , Thanks a lot for the scanned music magazines. Do you have ,,Rolling Stone'' from October 20, 1977 (No.250) (Sex Pistols, punk in London story) ?


  2. Dugy, I don't have any Rolling Stone issues from 1977. I have a few from 1970 (John Sinclair/MC5), 1971 (Slade), 1974 (Stooges gig review), 1978 (Sex Pistols)and 1979 (Sid Vicious.

  3. Thanks for answer, if anybody see this and have No.250 from 1977 please scan and share a link.

    Could you please scanned issue from 1979(Sid Vicious? And do you maybe have Bravo(German)issue 30.09.1976 with a fantastic Sex Pistols photos?

  4. Dugy,
    I am planning to scan the Sid Vicious issue for posting on February 2. And will also post some Sid music on that day.

    The only magazines I have from the 1970s are American except for a few early issues of Trouser Press. I sold all the issues I had of Zig Zag magazine and other British ones a few years ago.

  5. Thanks, February 2 is a right moment for Sid issues. Your blog is great!