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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Effigies - Oz, Chicago 4-10-81

The Effigies were one of Chicago's finest Punk bands back in the day and this live show was recorded at Chicago's legendary Punk clubs. It's recorded off the soundboard and is great quality. You've never heard The Effigies sound so raw. There are a couple song titles I don't know. Can anyone help?

01. Body Bag
02. Coarse in Vein
03. Guns Or Ballots
04. Quota
05. Strongbox
06. Techno's Gone
07. Below The Drop
08. Patternless


  1. Thank you! They remain one of my favorites and of course I never got the see them live during their heyday. Some how the thought of momma's little (10 year old at the time) boy hoping a bus from south Texas to see them was never going to happen, even if I knew who they were at the time, which I did not. I cannot wait for it to finish downloading, though I am sure my wife is not so inclined.

  2. Track number 8 is "Patternless". Not sure about #7 though.


  3. too bad you cant provide lossless version cuz i would have loved to get one back....

    1. Body Bag
    2. Course in Vain
    3. Guns or Ballots
    4. Quota
    5. Strongbox
    6. Techno's Gone
    7. Below the Drop
    8. Outro

    on my copy the date was April 10th 1981 by the way


  4. Thanks Jay and Flitox for song titles and correct date!

  5. NA, once again, a gem of a post. Thank you! Thanks to Jay & Filtox for the added info!

    - Rusty

  6. Dang. More. Effigies. Live. More respect to you!