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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Rolling Stone magazine; Issue 259; February 23, 1978

Here is an old issue of Rolling Stone magazine from early 1978. I've only scanned the stuff in it that will be of interest to Punk Rockers.

In this issue:
-Jam article
-Punk Comes Out Of The Closets article
-Random Notes [w/Ramones/Stranglers/Glen Matlock]
-Sex Pistols In Texas article [three pages with photos]
-Sex Pistols album review
-Jam album review


  1. Thanks Bat, this blog just keeps getting better all the time, great nostalgia trip.

  2. Alright meanie, glad you are enjoying the trip. I have a few other issues of Rolling Stone that I plan to scan along with other rock magazines from the 1970s - Creem, Rock Scene, Circus, Hit Parade, Trouser Press - that have plenty of Punk articles and interviews in them plus rare photos.

  3. Great stuff, if there are any Stranglers items in them, I'd be grateful if they appeared on here. Cheeky I know, but, you don't ask, you don't get.
    Happy New Year Bat

  4. I have plenty of old magazines with Stranglers articles and photos in them. At some point I'll scan more zines.

  5. You sir are a hero, this blog just get's better all the time, must be becoming a full time job for you!

  6. Alright meanie, I'm glad you are enjoying the blog. It isn't like a full time job, yet. All the music I've posted, so far, I digitized years ago. It's only the scanning of zines that is a little work at the moment. I haven't got a job right now and one needs a hobby, anyways. So, this is mine and I enjoy it.