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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Eddie & The Hotrods - Rehearsal 1977 + Antonio's, Pittsburgh 11-21-77

Here's more Eddie & The Hotrods. The rehearsal features the original line up and all these songs ended up on their first album. The quality is good but there is a lot of tape hiss. The Pittsburgh show was recorded on their first U.S. Tour and has Graeme Douglas in the line up. It was recorded from the audience and is a bit rough but sounds like it was a great show.

Rehearsal 1977
01. Show Me
02. Been So Long
03. Shake [Sam Cooke]
04. On The Run
05. Teenage Depression

@ Antonio's, Pittsburgh 11-21-77
01. Teenage Depression
02. The Kids Are Alright
03. Telephone Girl
04. Quit This Town
05. Life On The Line
06. Why Can't It Be
07. Do Anything You Wanna Do
08. Ignore Them
09. On The Run
10. Beginning Of The End

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  1. The first album came out in 1976 (November if my memory is correct). Therefore, this must be from 1976. Are they the same as the Canvey2Island bootleg?

    Will you be reupping all the UK punk and new wave posts on Mediafire?

    I will try and send you a tracklisting for the BBC In Concert cd tomorrow.