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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Curvettes - Demo (2003)

Here's a relatively recent band who were from New York City. Musically they fit in with Devil Dogs and New Bomb Turks. I have no info on them and only know of them because a friend who auditioned for them after the drummer on this demo left was given this demo to listen to. Doesn't seem they ever settled on a new drummer and ultimately disappeared from the face of the earth leaving only this demo behind. It's a great one though.

track list:
01. You're a Drag
02. Revenge Fantasies
03. Girls On Drugs
04. Barbie Don't Have Bruises
05. Futurama
06. Seizure On Christmas
07. Trauma Center

1 comment:

  1. Line-up 1-
    Saturday Nite Dead E.P.
    Danny Oblivious - Guitar/Vox
    Johnny Valuim - Guitar/Back-up Vox
    Steve Scum - Bass/Vox on Dullsville*
    Rudie2xs "aka Aaron Miserable" - Drums/Back up vox*

    Line-up 2-
    Danny Oblivious - Guitar/Vox
    Johnny Valuim - Guitar/Back-up Vox
    Ted- Bass*
    Rudi2xs"aka Aaron Miserable" - Drums/Back up vox

    The Curvettes,
    Were a mish-mosh of people/friends from local punkbands from the "Albany/Troy/Schenectady N.Y." area,Such as the now Defunct Albany cult
    band "The Trauma School Dropouts aswell as Infamous Albany band The Miserables and The Cheaters".
    Only the Saturday Nite Dead E.P on CD/tape which as far as i know was handed out in very limited Qtys,and afew other demos exist in Digital format ,Such as alternate versions of "Trauma center 208 and Barbie,also afew reherseals were recorded at KSR,and another rehersal venue named new music in Colonie NY in late winter of 2000 and spring of 2001.
    It is a shame truly a shame that no vinyl was ever pressed on the Delta9-Quadlab label who was run by The Miserables Founder "Aaron Miserable" and fellow bandmate "RPX1138 aka Ritchie Pills", who were in the works on a "Miserables/Curvettes limited ed 7inch split.
    But soon after the band fell apart for reasons unknown to me.
    Thanks for reading....and Archiving this great unheard band..