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Monday, November 29, 2010

UXA - Part 2 [Live shows 1978-1984]

Here are a few live UXA shows plus a De De Troit demo for immediate consumption. Some of these shows have unreleased songs on them - almost enough for a second album - plus a couple choice covers.

@ Mabuhay Gardens, San Francisco 3-20-78 [Miner's Benefit show]
01. Market Of Souls
02. Visitors
03. UXA
04. I Don't Lose Sleep [on Miner's benefit CD]
05. Hand In Glove
06. Tragedies

@ Mabuhay Gardens, San Francisco 5-11-78
01. Death From Above

@ Hong Kong Cafe, Los Angeles CA 1979
01). Paranoia Is Freedom
02). Non-Fiction
03). I Don't Lose Sleep
04). You Saw Me
05). Death From Above
06). Hand In Glove
07). Sister Godfrieda
08). Social Circle
09). Innocent Bystander
10). Tragedies
11). No Time
12). UXA
13). Immunity
14). No One [Johnny Moped]

@ 171-A, NYC 1981
01). Stress Test
02). I Don't Have Everything

@ Hong Kong Cafe, Los Angeles 11-82
01). 1995
02). Death From Above
03). Visitors
04). Innocent Bystander
05). Got To Run
06). I Don't Lose Sleep
07). No Time
08). UXA

@ Music Machine Los Angeles 1984
01). Death From Above
02). Market Of Souls
03). Visitors
04). American Jeans
05). I Don't Have Everything
06). Tubes/Tunnels
07). Social Circle
08). Innocent Bystander
09). Pirate Love [Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers]
10). Tragedies
11). No Time
12). UXA
13). Immunity
14). I Don't Have Everything

De De Troit - Demo (1986)
01. Devil's Dice
02. Motherless Child
03. Ball 'n Chain
04. Rock 'n' Roll Fix
05. Trouble Shooter
06. Dead of Night - P.M.R.C.


  1. many thanks a very underrated band. i don't see a link for the last 2 things??? anyhow great stuff

  2. Glad you're enjoying the UXA posts. It's interesting to think that they are one of the few early California bands to release an album in their time.

    Sorry, it takes a while to upload everything to megaupload so when I do megaposts I usually have to do a couple things and then run off to do what I have to do then finish when I return. But I like to list all the song titles so people know whats coming.

  3. Great shows 1978-1979 i think at that time the band plays their best!Much thanks good post!

  4. amazing!! didn't know they were so many live recording of them around!!!
    the bad news is to see that the 171a show is really only 2 songs long