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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Skrewz - KUOR, Redlands CA 12-06-79

Here's a Los Angeles band I don't know much about. They did get mentioned enough in Flipside magazine back in the day but never made a record. This live show has been in circulation for year though. Apparently they are playing around again.

info here:

01. Free The Enemy
02. Boredom
03. Mixed Emotions
04. Wait
05. Stab Her In The Back
06. Too Many
07. Get Out Of My Way
08. Anti Fashion
09. Kill The Nips
10. Politics
11. Wipe Out
12. Messed Up
13. Valery Is Dead
14. Destroy
15. Kindergarten Mess Up
16. Free The Enemy (reprise)
17. Outro


  1. Thank you.......never heard of Skrewz !!!!!!!

    Love the song dancin'the night away by the Motors.

    It's reminds me of the days when i was a youngster

  2. What? You're not a youngster anymore?! Even as an oldster you can dance the night away if you want to.

  3. ah well .............youre right.

  4. Skrewz were part of the first wave of Huntington Beach bands along with Gestapo, Outsiders, Social Task and the Slashers. These bands included members that would become the mighty China White.

  5. Oh, how could I forget! I failed to mention The Crowd and The Fucked.