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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pointed Sticks - K97 FM, Edmonton Canada 1980

Here's a radio concert from Canada's Pointed Sticks by request. Can anyone put a title on track 9?

01. The Witch
02. Marching Song
03. Life
04. True Love
05. When She's Alone
06. New Ways
07. Care Less
08. Born To Cry
09. My Little Red Book
10. I Can't Wait
11. I'm Numb
12. What Do You Want Me To Do?
13. Worse
14. Real Thing
15. Out Of Luck
16. Shape Of Things To Come
17. Nothing Else To Do
18. The American Song


  1. Thank you..........great band. They play some numbers in the movie "Out of the blue "...i think you can find them on You Tube channel

  2. Hey bat29

    Track #9 is a Burt Bacharach written song called 'My Little Red Book'. It was performed by Manfred Mann in the film 'What's New Pussycat?'.

    Thank you for posting Pointed Sticks!

  3. Alright! Thanks for naming that tune.