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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hüsker Dü - Demos & outtakes 1979-1980

Here's a stack of demos recorded by Hüsker Dü before they made a record and some outtakes from their first ep session. Some of the demo songs ended up on their Land Speed Record album and some have never been released. From cassette tape.

Bill Bruce demos 5-79
01. Nuclear Nightmare
02. Do The Bee
03. Uncle Ron
04. Don't Try To Call
05. Sex Dolls
06. MTC

Colin Mansfield demo 1979
01. All Tensed Up
02. Writer's Cramp
03. All I Got To Lose Is You

Northern Lights demos 1979
01. Picture Of You
02. Can't See You Anymore
03. The Truth Hurts
04. Do You Remember
05. Sore Eyes

Statues ep outtakes 8-80
01. Writer's Cramp
 02. Let's Go Die

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