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Monday, October 4, 2010

Exile In The Kingdom - Demo 1984

Exile In The Kingdom were from Drogheda Ireland and existed from 1981 to about 1985. They released one single in 1984 and one song from the single was included on the RIOR cassette compilation release World Class Punk before disappearing. But, they did record some demos and someone was kind enough to post a video they made using one of those songs on Youtube. I took the sound off that video so I could listen to it endlessly without having to turn on the computer because it is a great song.

more info here:
Video here:

Demo (1984):
01. Stay High Stay Low

Single (1984):
01. Freedom
02. Total Disorder


  1. No never heard of them....... and indeed great song

    It's a pity they got little attention