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Friday, October 29, 2010

(DC) Youth Brigade - Demos 1981 + Obanion's, Chicago 8-03-81

This Youth Brigade were from Washington DC and existed for only 10 months in 1981. Their singer was a member of the now legendary Teen Idles and the bass player was a former member of The Untouchables. In their short existence they manage to release one 8 song 7" ep and had three songs on the Flex Your Head compilation LP. The quality on everything is very good. The live show is from the soundboard but the vocals dominate the mix. Minor Threat also played this show. From cassette tape.

1st Demo 1981:
01. It's About Time We Had A Change
02. Last Word
03. Full Speed Ahead
04. Pay No Attention
05. Point Of View
06. Waste Of Time
07. Wrong Decision
08. Barbed Wire

2nd Demo 1981:
01. I Object
02. Full Speed Ahead
03. Last Word
04. Waste Of Time
05. Youth Brigade
06. Bouncer
07. Snow Job
08. Moral Majority

@ Obanion's, Chicago 8-03-81: [from cassette tape]
01. I Object
02. Point Of View
03. Full Speed Ahead
04. title unknown
05. Last Word
06. Waste Of Time
07. Youth Brigade
08. Pay No Attention
09. Snow Job
10. Wrong Decision
11. title unknown
12. Moral Majority
13. Barbed Wire
14. No Song 2

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