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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Subhumans (Canada) - Duncan's Pub, Reno Nevada 10-25-81

The classic lineup of the Canadian Subhumans did several U.S. tours but this show from Reno is the only recording to turn up so far. It's a short set of only 7 songs but it shows the band at the height of their prime. This is a rough audience recording and there is a clicking sound during Slave To My Dick, but such are the imperfections and limitations of audience recordings.

01. No Productivity
02. Moron Majority
03. Death To The Sickoids
04. Slave To My Dick
05. Screwed Up [Menace]
06. Inquisition Day
07. Fuck You


  1. Hi,

    This is us alright, but it's 10-25-81 at Duncan's Pub in Reno, Nevada. We've never played in Las Vegas. There's a comment at the start of "Slave to My Dick" about being in Reno.

    We did make it down to the US probably six or seven times between 1978-1982, but recordings are pretty rare. The only other one I've heard about (but never got my hands on) is from a gig at A171 in New York in May of 1981 when we opened for the Bad Brains.

    Mike Graham, The Subhumans

    1. Yup, this is Reno....I was there! Loved the Subhumans!

  2. HI Mike, Thanks for your comments and the information. I heard the comment about Reno but wasn't sure if that was some sort of joke and the show arrived to me with the Vegas info so not knowing what was what I stuck with that. I'll make the correction. Any chance for the Subhumans playing in the USA soon?

  3. My favorite track from this set is "Fuck You" because it's really angry and fun at the same time. Not only that there is a clicking sound during Slave To My Dick, it appears during the first four songs. Sound quality is yes, poor....but it's still listenable.